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Daphne 2.03 Publisher's Description

Task manager replacement for Windows. Detailed information about process and system state. Automation for killing/closing programs. Command line tool and Windows explorer integration. Drag and drop tool for location process by window, or modifying windows properties. Lock process affinity mask or window size and position. Process hierarchy (GNU GPL):
Resources information
Comprehensive process list
Find/kill the process which owns a given window
Find the window in the process windows tree
Hide window and remove application from task bar
Set or remove always on top property
Change window size using numbers (i.e. 640x480)
Save window position and size and restore when the process is started
Item highlighting with colors for custom, system and high CPU-consumption processes.
Quick search-as-you-type find by process name when sorted by Process column
Schedule process kill for later
Create a trap
Change processor affinity mask and optionally trap this configuration
Copy process name, PID, path, MD5 or SHA1 to clipboard
Open containing folder
Full command line
Parent process and user
Startup timestamp
Kernel and user time
Show and handle minimum and maximum working set size
Send a window message (i.e. WM_ACTIVATE) with lParam and wParam values
Thread list with priority and CPU time
Loaded modules
Environment variables
I/O information
Kill all process by matching name
Close windows by matching title
Schedule popup message
Schedule system shutdown
Control inspector window for revealing hidden passwords and other control information
Copy process list to clipboard
Windows 7 God Mode and Problem steps recorder
Traps apply to any process, when its startup is detected.
Notify creation, Kill, Hide the application, Keep window position and size
User-defined menu items for killing a process list when activated
Four user-defined command lines to be executed by global shortcut
Windows explorer contextual menu integration

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